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International Communication and Cooperation

Since 1978 when China inaugurated the opening and reform initiative, international communication and cooperation in the education sector has migrated onto a new stage cheering healthy development of abroad studying, increasing number of foreigners studying in China, and expanding cross-border academic communication. International communication and cooperation has brought us with beneficial reference, impelled education reform and development in China and enhanced the mutual understanding and friendship between China and other countries.

In more than two decades since 1979, China sent some 320,000 students to more than 100 countries and regions, hosted 340,000 students from more than 160 countries and regions; dispatched out 1,800 teachers and experts, appointed 40,000 foreign experts and teachers. Number of Chinese experts and academicians once involved in international conferences held abroad and that of foreign experts and academicians once presenting at international academic symposiums held in China both amounted to 11,000.

In 1996 only, China sent out more than 10,000 students to nearly 100 countries and regions and entertained nearly 33,000 international students from 160 countries and regions. In order to help partner countries to bring up culture-indifferent sci-tech and translation professionals, China configured teachers for Chinese language programs launched in more than 30 countries, and gave mission orders to more than 5,000 experts destined to short-term teaching programs launched in different countries. On the other hand, colleges and universities in the country extended appointment letters to some 3,760 foreign-originated experts and teachers. In the year, colleges and universities directly under the Ministry of Education approved 2,099 application cases for involvement in some 1,316 international academic symposiums held abroad. Nearly 140 international academic symposiums and seminars hosted by colleges and universities in China welcomed in some 5,000 participants from foreign countries. Nearly 130 study groups visited China...

Fresh progress has been made in foreign-oriented education aid program, embodied in the migration from facility construction to program launching, which has enhanced the school running capability of the beneficiary countries, winning high praise from the beneficiary governments.

In more than two decades, China has made sound achievements in bilateral and multilateral education cooperation, which has got educational aid from UNESCO, UNIECF, UNFPA, UNDP, World Bank and many other international organizations, including loan of US$14.7 billion from World Bank for the education development program, and aid of more than USD100 million from other organizations.

In recent years, Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan have increased education aid to Mainland China, the educational communication and cooperation between both sides has been expanded steadily.

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