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Outlook on Chinese Education

As a whole, education in China, the most populous country with extremely unbalanced economic and culture development, is still an under-cultivated land. Proportion of graduates from primary, junior and senior middle schools entering schools of higher levels is an important index reflecting educational level of a nation. According to the 1% Demographic Survey conducted in 1995, among every 100,000 people, 2,065 completed degree programs; 8,282 graduated from high schools; 27,283 with an education level of junior middle school. To accommodate the socio-economic development and satisfy the young's desire for higher level education, Chinese education sector still has a long way to cover.

Flying development of science and technology worldwide, as well as intensifying competition in economic and technological fields have addressed a tough challenge to education. Those who frontline the education will have a louder saying in the international competition in the 21st century. Chinese government, regarding education as a strategic priority, promulgated the China Agenda for Education Reform and Development, advancing the global object for China's education development by the end of 20th Century, which is read: by year 2000, popularizing K9 compulsory education nationwide, basically eliminating illiteracy among young and middle-aged population, intensively supporting 100 universities and a batch of key subjects (Program 211), giving adequate support toward occupational and polytechnic education and adult education bound for a great prospect.

Realizing such an agenda is an extremely formidable task, which requires countrywide efforts in increasing education funds, improving schooling conditions, boosting teaching competence and strengthening education administration. We have adequate reasons to expect an educational framework compatible with Chinese conditions and oriented to the next millennium.

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