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The Sixth Session World Youth Arts Festival


Carry on and promote the culture of various nations of the world; train the young people to have aesthetic temperaments and to be a nice artistically accomplished; discover and praise highly outstanding young talents; encourage international intercourse of culture; reveal the style and features of each national young having passion for their home country and exerting their spirit of society.


2015 The Sixth World Young Arts Festival


Environmental Protection


We invite the contemporary famous artists and people of literary and art circles as artistic advisers and judges for this event. Our main goal is to enhance the young quality of education, to praise highly some works of varying of culture and of trending of the time through the drawing and composition, as well as to highlight the new young culture of active innovation and bright feature.

Organization Committee:

Host: World Federation of Youth Literary Arts

1. America San Gabriel Academy
2. World Youth Movie & Animation Association
3. World Youth Literature & Art Institute
4. World Youth Artist Association
5. World Youth Nationality Association
6. World Youth Folkway Association
7. World Youth Author Association
8. World Youth Art Association
9. World Youth Calligraphy Association
10. World Youth Photography Association
11. World Youth Music & Dancing Association
12. World Youth Sponsorship Association
13. World Youth Celebrity Club
14. World Youth Art & Culture Journal
15. World Youth Shaolin Marcle Association
16. World Youth Journal
17. World Youth Media Broadcasting Center
18. World Youth Ohmath Association
19. World Youth News Reporter Association
20. World Youth Singers Club
21. World Youth Science and Technology Association
22. World Youth Sports Association
23. World Junior Golf Association
24. World Youth Bilingual Club
25. World Youth News
26. World Youth Television
27. Sunshine Education Academy
28. Little Harvard School

General Adviser:Ling WANG (USA); Zhongling XU (USA);Liansheng YU (China); Ruicao (USA)
General Producer:Angelina. (USA); Jun ZHANG (China); De Zhen(USA)
General Commander: Gumu (USA); Paul Negrete (USA)
General Planner: Bingren (USA); Yingjie Chen (USA)
Supervisor: Yilbun Jung (USA) YJ, C (China)
General Secretary: Rose (USA) Mei Zi (USA)
Secretary: Jia Wan (USA); Jason Zou (USA)
English Translator: Rose (USA); Yilbun Jung (USA)
Compere: Jingbing XU (USA); Kyle KONG (USA)
Financial: Linda (USA); Yan WU (China)
Media: Wei Lu (15 Medium)
Liaison Officer: Jack Song (USA)
Photo: Yuanxuan LI
Cameraman: Yibing MU
Address: 10505 Valley Blvd, Suite 234. El Monte, CA. 91731
Telephone: 1(626) 283-7210; 1(626) 582-1699
Website: www.wfylahq.org

Date, Time and Place of Final Competition:

Place of Competition: Sunshine Educatiion Academy
Address:10505 Valley Blvd, Suite 234. El Monte, CA. 91731
Date of Final Competition: June 20, 2015 (Sat 0900-1600) – August 1, 2015 (Sat 1600)
Date of Registration: From Now until June 20, 2015

Representatives of Countries:

China: Zhang, Jun
Los Angeles: Wei, Shuren
New York: Wang, Chaojun
Boston: Xu, Yueping
Silicon Valley: Huang, Zongjiang
Chicago: Wang, Ying
Japan: Xi, Gulin
United Kingdom: Wei, Cai
France: Guo, Shi
Canada: Tairri
Singapore: Zhaung
Argentina: Yuan, Weichen
Korea: Jason, Zou
Media: (Randomly listed)

1) Newspaper

《World Youth Journal》《World Journal》《 US China Press 》《 International Daily News 》《Sing Tao Daily 》《Taiwan Times》《Duowei News》《 City Newsweek》《 China Daily》《 Time》《 TSSDNEWS 》《Chinese Biz News》《 SINO Times》《World Times》《People's Daily》《Wenweipo》《 Xinhua News – Los Angeles Bureau Correspondent》《 World Chinese Image》

2) TV media: World Youth TV; LA 18; BBC; Phoenix TV; EBC; Sky Link TV; World TV; CCTV; USA Media and TV
3)Online:www.ChineseDailyNews.com;www.wfylahq.org;www.ssedu.us;www.newsgogo.com; www.ccdy.cn
4) Radio broadcasting: AM1300; AM1600; Radio Golden Vintage 1430


The young artists whose age of 3-25year old come from everywhere of the world, including teams (schools, children's palaces, or specialized organizations) and individuals


Composition; Calligraphy; Drawing; Photography; Vocality; Dance; Acting;
Musical Instrument; Folkway; Animation; Science


Preschooler: 3 – 6 years old;
Children Group A: 7 – 9 years old; Group B: 10 – 12 years old;
Teenager Group A: 13 – 15; Group B: 16 – 18;
Young Adult: 18 – 25;


ExpertAppraisal Committee (The secret will be temporarily kept)


Golden Medal, Silver Medal, and Bronze Medal one for each group
World Best Innovative Award
World Best Excellent Award
World Potentiality Award
World Best Public Welfare Award
World Best Team Award

Contact Us:

Organization Committee Officer: Katrina
Phone: 1(626)283-7210 1(626)582-1699
Fax: 1(626)582-1699
E-mail: wfylainfo@gmail.com (assigns E-Mail)
Address: 10505 Valley Blvd, #234, El Monte, CA. 91731
Website: www.wfylahq.org


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