SUNSHINE Academy provides the opportunities of internship for international students, and is also their home. Our academy provide comfortable learning and living environment, nutritious diet (menu attached), and various weekend activities. We also establish guidance courses, help international students to formulate plan for university, provide community services opportunity, help outstanding student to apply scholarship for university. Our kind and strict management, foster our international students to develop independent ability. Our mission is to let our students live in a happy, healthy, and progressive in learning. We are the cradles of international students to turn their dream come true, the ladders towards to the global, and the starting points of hover over the world and catch wonderful future.

We have Home Stay Center attached to SUNSHINE Academy. Our fee $1300.00 USD - $1500.00 USD vary by difference location, double room monthly fee $1300.00 USD per person, deposit is equal a monthly fee (will returned when terminate the contract). Our contract period is ten months or one year. The rental payment is bi-yearly. After signed the contract, the parent of student need to pay the first six months fee in full plus deposit accept cash or check). To terminate the contract, the student need notify us one month ahead. 
Ours services include foods, accommodation, and transportation for school, laundry and holidays trips. Besides transportation for school and group trips, other transportation services will have additional charge.

Our center offering special services includes tutor, English advance class ($20.00USD/hour), professional author tutoring writing Chinese article, and also help students to contribute their articles to newspaper or various composition competitions.

We will maintain our center’s equipments in good condition, responsible for repair and replacement. Students need to take good care of all the equipments. Any damages caused by students will be the student’s responsibility to pay the cost of repair or replacement.

Our center manager’s, also as a student’s guardian (Guardian fee $1500.00USD/person), responsible for contacts the student’s school, on behalf of the parents to attend student conference meetings, supervise on student’s learning, and report the student’s conditions, progress, and development to parents.

Our center establishes personal health record for each student. Every student needs health insurance and accident insurance. If need emergency treatment, we will take the student to emergency room immediately and contact to parents at the same time.

We can help student apply health insurance and accident insurance, service fee will be charged. Application fee and insurance fee need pay by student’s parent.

We encourage students maintain personal hygiene, and foster independent ability. Students that are twelve years old and above should learn how to use the washer, dryer, and also learn to keep personal things organized such as cleaning their clothes and doing their beds.

Standard Single Room

Each single room comes with a bed, a closet, desk space, two chairs, TV stand, and private bathroom.

Standard Double Room

Each double room comes with two single beds, two closets, two desks, two chairs, a TV stand, and private bathroom.