Frequently Asked Questions

1. What will determine my class placement?

All students will take a series of assessment tests upon arriving at MAIA. There are three separate exams that test students’ reading, writing, and speaking abilities. Students are divided into classes based upon the results of these tests.

2. How far is MAIA from the UMass Boston campus?

MAIA is about 50 miles from UMass Boston (approximately 35 miles from downtown Boston), which is a 45-60 minute ride in a car.

3. How quickly can I set up an American bank account?

Representatives from local American banks, such as Bank of America, will come onto campus to assist students with opening American bank accounts within the first three or four days students are here. Please read up on these banks ahead of time so you know which one you would like to choose.

4. What should I bring for my room?

MAIA provides all students with a bedding set that includes sheets, a blanket, a pillow, and a comforter. All rooms also come with a desk, chairs, a lamp, a TV, and a bathroom. Students can purchase any additional items they need, such as towels, and all other amenities (such as soap, toothpaste, etc.) after arriving in Massachusetts. MAIA will provide transportation to local stores within the first few days specifically for this purpose.

5. Do I need to bring cookware for cooking meals?

No. Students are not allowed to cook in the dormitories due to safety reasons. All meals are provided by the school kitchen. Local businesses also deliver food to MAIA.

6. Can I have my own refrigerator?

Yes. It must be less than 2.5 cubic feet and be Energy Star qualified. Students may not have microwaves.

7. Do I need an adapter for my computer?

Yes. The power supply normally has the range to cover the US standard of 10V60Hz. However, the US power socket is different from the Chinese standard. Please prepare to have a plug adapter for your convenience. Check this website

8. What is the rule on smoking?

Smoking is prohibited inside of the building, as well as within all public buildings in Massachusetts. Students must smoke outside and be at least 30 feet from the building.

9. Can I bring alcohol on campus?

No. MAIA is a dry campus, meaning alcohol is absolutely prohibited on all school grounds–both inside and outside of the building. Furthermore, it is illegal for anyone under the age of 21 to purchase and/or consume alcohol in the United States.

10. Can students have cars on campus?

Students can have cars their second semester at MAIA. No student is permitted to have a vehicle during his or her first semester. The MAIA buses will take students to popular destinations within the community during the week, so students do not need to be worried about being able to pick up necessities. Additionally, there is a train stop nearby, making Boston very accessible to MAIA students.

We are so pleased you have chosen to be a student of Massachusetts International Academy. We hope that your journey here is safe and enjoyable. We look forward to greeting you and welcoming you to the year ahead!