Mission Statement

The mission of Sunshine Education Academy is to increase students' English language proficiency, equip students with the skills needed for successful academic study, and teach students about American life and values to assist them in the acculturation process.


Sunshine Education Academy supports postsecondary English language learners in achieving college-level competency in speaking, listening, reading, and writing. The course of study is rigorous and relevant, focusing on the knowledge students must possess and the skills they must demonstrate to succeed in academic coursework. Courses are sequenced from beginner through intermediate to advanced levels, building on both skills and content knowledge.

As a residential school, Sunshine Education Academy also supports learning beyond the classroom through its extracurricular programs and events. Interactions with native English speakers, a structured residential program, and connections with the local community foster cultural awareness, sensitivity, initiative, and creativity encouraging students to be engaged participants in future academic study in the United States.