SEA Honor Code

Integrity and honor are highly regarded at SEA and it is the policy to suspend a student one day for breaking the Honor Code.

Sunshine Education Academy students are expected to:

Share ideas with fellow classmates but never copy their homework, tests or other assignments.
Get help from parents and others but never allow the work to be done for them.
Type their own papers or write them out themselves.
Avoid plagiarism and give credit where it is due.
Be fair and never reveal to another student what will be on a test or quiz.
Be honest and never copy or forge a parent’s signature.
Uphold the honor and integrity of SEA by not aiding, concealing or condoning dishonesty in other students. (Whenever a student is gulty of cheating, the teacher will collect the students paper, mark a zero for the work and notify the parents immediately.)
Sign off their name for attendance and not leave the area, or sign off after the bugle begins to play, or cross off anyone’s name but their own.

Cheating is not limited to tests and includes copying other student’s assignments, answers or homework in or out of the classroom. Students who knowlingly permit other students to copy their papers are also guilty of cheating.