SUNSHINE Academy serves as a bridge between the international students and the United States school. We help overseas students to find schools in United States and offer them to our Homestays Center. We also run English camps in the summer and winter months. Our academy provides comfortable learning and living environment, nutritious diet, and various weekend activities.  Also, we establish guidance courses regularly, help international students to formulate plan to university, provide community services opportunity, help outstanding students to apply for scholarship of university. We have strict management, but with fully love, foster our international students to develop independent ability. Our mission is to let them being happy, healthy, and making progressive in learning. We are the cradles of international students to make their dream coming true, the ladders toward to the global, and the starting points of hovering over the world and catch wonderful future.


We are located in Los Angeles county of Southern California, and are building a network of excellent schools, as well as homestays. We service students between the ages of 10 through university. We always carefully review each student’s information, so that students are matched with the best possible schools and homestays, and may be provided with just the right kind of support for insuring success living and learning experience while in America. We go into great depth about application process so that the student and family’s time and money will not be wasted on a poor school match, or the wrong homestatys. Nothing is more important than your child’s welfare, health and safety.    


SUNSHINE Academy considers Homestay Center placement as nearly as important as school placement. This is because we know from experience that much of what is learned takes place outside of the classroom, while at the table eating meals, driving places in the car, and just living as a part of our Homestay Center. For this reason, ours host families are closely screened and carefully interviewed. Our Homestay Center services include foods, accommodation, and transportation for school, laundry, internet and holidays trips. We also offer special services include tutor math and science, English advance class, professional author tutoring Chinese composition, as well as recommend their articles to newspaper, magazines or various composition competitions. Our purpose is our students to improve in English skills while consolidating Chinese in order to become an excellent bilingual talent in the future. Our center manager is responsible for contacts the student’s school, on behalf of the parents to attend student conference meetings, for supervising on student’s learning, and for reporting to student’s parent about  student’s health, learning, an development.